Such vehicles are rented only for a shift (8 hours). The client also has to pay for the equipment transportation by a trailer to and from the site.

Yes, such equipment can be rented for such a period but only within the Samara city not far from the parking lot.

We have already had such experience with one company that was constructing several TANEKO refineries in the Nizhnekamsk city and with another company that was modernizing Rosneft’s Tuapse Refinery.

As of today the maximum number of equipment units is 60 with the maximum number of operators reaching 75 given the equipment was sometimes used during two shifts.

Of course! The company has already carried out several successful projects of that kind with Farbstein, Samara district heating enterprise and AO Transneft-Privolga companies.

The company is 100% ready to operate in such conditions! Off-road vehicles make more than half of the company’s fleet. During 9 months in 2015 alone the company acquired 11 additional vehicles with a 6x6 wheel arrangement to operate in such conditions.

Несомненно! В структуре компании аттестовано несколько механиков и машинистов автокранов Liebherr для проведения подобного вида работ. За ними так же закреплена машина Mitsubishi L200 для доставки их до места проведения работ, в том числе в условиях труднодоступной местности.

In that case we hire an additional certified health care worker or we may conclude an agreement with the Client for operators to be medically examined before they start work if qualified personnel is present at the site.

Of course! The company has its own department where specialists certified according to the state standard carry out such examinations.

Yes, it is possible. The company has its own fleet of buses to bring the personnel to such remote sites.

The company equips all its cranes with everything required from hitches to ropes of different length.

Of course! We have intentionally required specialized Kässbohrer loaders with a loading capacity reaching 100 tons to transport equipment with all necessary cables and fixtures. We have also acquired several Mitsubishi L200 pick-up trucks to be used as accompanying vehicles.

Twice a year operators get summer and winter work clothes and steel-toe cap boots.

Of course! Each operator has all necessary work, fire, electrical and industrial safety certificates.

Yes, we can. We have wide experience in organizing such type of work.

Yes, they can but only if the diesel fuel they use meets state quality standards.

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