We have significantly streamlined our business processes to save time and pains of our clients. As a result we have divided the ordering procedure in several stages:

Making and order

After receiving an inquiry by phone or email we get in touch with the client
to specify the task.

Our specialists examine the venue with off-road vehicles allowing them
to get to a place at any weather.

After drawing up a contract specifying a vehicle and operating hours
we deliver the documents to a clients office.


After the client signs the contract a prepayment — of 30-100% of the total cost is to be made. It is also possible to make a payment after the order is executed. Conditions are discussed on an individual basis.

We accept cashless settlements thus allowing our clients to declare VAT for deduction.

Executing an order

We are ready to take an order in any region of Russia as our operators work on a fly-in/fly-out basis.

We have our own fleet of buses to bring operators to construction sites.

If equipment is broken our engineers get to the site with necessary spare parts.

Our off-road vehicles allow us to get to any place.

Our operators work in two shifts.

When it is convenient for the client our servicemen refuel equipment directly on site without the work being interrupted and using our own fuel.

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