Conditions of rendering services

  1. Hoisting equipment
    1. All lifting equipment (truck cranes, auto hydraulic lifts, loader cranes) is registered in Rostekhnadzor, before starting work it is necessary to fill out an application on the site
    2. When ordering oversized and heavy cranes, escorting the car is required. The calculation is made individually.
    3. When ordering Liebherr truck cranes with a capacity of 70-160 tons, delivery of counterloads is required. The cost of delivery is calculated individually.
    4. When ordering Liebherr cranes with a capacity of 70-160 tons, a specialist is required to inspect the site. The cost of a specialist's departure is 2000 rubles. + 15 rubles / km in both directions (subject to further work of the truck crane at the site, the specialist's departure is free of charge).
  2. Technics for cargo transportation
    1. The equipment intended for the carriage of goods is provided with the total mileage per shift (8 hours) not more than 110 km. In the case of a mileage of more than 110 km, an additional kilometer is charged at a rate of 55 rubles / km.
    2. The minimum lease time for onboard Gazelles within the city of Samara is 3 hours, when ordered in Smyshlyaevka and 116 km + 1 hour on the road, when ordering in Novokuibyshevsk, Chapaevsk, Kinel, Alekseevka + 2 Hours on the road.
  3. Delivery of equipment
    1. Self-propelled vehicles (Komatsu truck crane, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, loaders) can move no more than 20 km independently, if the distance is more than 20 km, a trawl delivery is required (the cost of delivery is calculated depending on the distance of the facility).
    2. Delivery of equipment to the facility - hourly from the time of departure from the base (Samara, Zavodskoye Highway, 1), approximately 1 hour approximately equal to 50 km of run.
    3. Delivery of caterpillar equipment, mini-loader, vibrokatka carried trawl, the cost of delivery is agreed individually.
  4. Are common
    1. The minimum time for the provision of equipment is 8 hours (1 shift). The possibility of providing equipment for fewer hours is considered individually.
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