In summer 2015 our company received a technical assignment from one of our contractors at the Baltika plant to install a boiler pipe (length – 24 m, weight – 15 m).

Монтаж трубы котельной на заводе Балтика

Design features

  • Weight: 15 t
  • Installation features: most complicated conditions and a number of underground route communications

When the site was examined it was found out that the installation of the pipe would be carried out under complicated conditions. A number of communication routes and wells were laid under the site. Together with the engineers from the contractor’s company we studied the design plans of the routes and identified the places to install crane outriggers.

As soon as we drafted a process chart and a crane work production plan the crane was delivered to the site.

The crane was to be installed under complicated conditions as a number of pipes prevented the normal transportation. The crane was designed in such a way that it was possible to get to the site with the boom elevated.

The pipe was installed with the help of specialized hoist. At first the pipe was placed to the basement and then a shear connector was installed.

The installation took 8 hours.

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