In 2010-2012 the company took part in a very important project that involved the construction of the Baltic pipeline system 2 by-passing Ukraine, Belorussia and Baltic countries.

Строительство балтийской трубопроводной системы - 2 в обход Украины, Белоруссии и стран Балтии

Project feature:

  • Number of construction sites: 2 at the same time 
  • Number of development projects: 6 reservoirs with a total volume of 50 000 m3
  • Number of equipment units: 40
  • Number of supporting equipment units: 4
  • Operation schedule: 6 months, 7 days a week

The construction started in the town of Unecha in the Bryansk region at the Unecha line operation dispatcher station as part of the “Baltic pipeline system-2” (BTS-2) and finished at an oil collection point in a recently constructed port of Ust-Luga in the Leningrad region.

Ust-Luga – is a sea commercial port in the North-west of Russia in the Leningrad region in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea next to the settlement of Ust-Luga. It was opened together with the Coal terminal in 2001. 

At the same time the construction process at these two sites was completely different. Unecha line operation dispatcher station is located in marshlands, while the soil in Ust-Luga is stony, firm and sandy and thus perfect for the construction allowing us to reduce the building period to minimum. As a result we had to meet the following requirements from the client.

Client requirements: providing as many off-road equipment units to the LODS Unecha as possible so as to allow construction on the infirm ground in the marshlands. The construction of two reservoirs with a capacity of 50 000 m3 within 6 months working 7 days a week.

Equipment provided for the construction project at Unecha line operation dispatcher station: 10 URAL-5557 dumper trucks; 15 automobile cranes with a carrying capacity of 25 tons (21.7 m); automobile crane with a carrying capacity of 50 tons; 5 crawler excavators; 1 Hyundai R170W-7 wheel excavator; 2 Amkador TO-18 333B loaders. Support equipment units included 1 fuel dispensers and 2 cars to transport personnel.

As a result 35 units of construction equipment and 3 support equipment units were provided thus totaling 38 units.

Client requirements: providing load lifting equipment for the Ust-Luga construction site, i.e. with automobile cranes. The construction of 4 reservoirs with a capacity of 50 000 m3 at the points where oil is transshipped to tankers. 

The following equipment was provided for the Ust-Luga port: 1 automobile crane with a carrying capacity; 4 automobile cranes with a carrying capacity of 25 tons. The supporting equipment: 1 VAZ-2105 car to transfer personnel from their place of residence to the construction site. 

Issues solved during implementation of the BTS-2 project:

1. Rapid delivery of the equipment from Samara to Unecha LODS and then to the port of Ust-Luga to meet the client’s needs within the week.

2. Solving problems related to the accommodation of personnel, service and refueling of vehicles.

3. Rapid provision of management personnel to the construction site within 1-2 days since the receipt of the order from the client.

4. Providing the specialized equipment required for a particular territory (marshlands and firm soil). 

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