In February 2015 our company faced a challenging task from one of our main contractors from Transneft: we were to continuously provide specialized equipment during the construction of 8 reservoirs with a capacity of 20 000 m3 each during 8 months.

Участие в строительстве 8-ми резервуаров хранения нефти объемом  20 000 м3 на одной из ЛПДС АО "Транснефть-Приволга" в 2015 году

Project features

  • Number of equipment units used: 63
  • Technical support units: 7
  • Total number of workers: 85
  • Schedule chart: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Total amount of investments to meet the Legislation and Customer’s requirements: 2 800 000 roubles
Client’s requirements: continuous operation of construction equipment 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The company was obliged to use the equipment owned by BTS only, which had all the necessary documentation and certificates, work wear for operators, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, spark blowouts, GPS/GLONASS  systems to control the movement of equipment in the construction site. The main condition is to comply with all occupational and work safety requirements and with all the regulations at a hazardous facility, i.e. line operations dispatcher station

As a result of the negotiations our company delivered the following equipment to operate at the client’s site: 6 KAMAZ 65111 dump trucks; 5 KAMAZ 45141-10 dump trucks; 2 CATD6R bulldozers; 5 ТА-22 22-meter automatic hydraulic cranes; 18 automobile cranes with a carrying capacity of 25 tons and boom length of 21,7-31 meter; 1 XCMG QY 50K5 Sautomobile crane with a carrying capacity of 50 tons; 1 automobile crane with a carrying capacity of 160 tons; 2 compressors; 2 manipulator cranes KAMAZ 65117-N3; 7 Komatsu РС220/LC-8 excavators; 2 Ammann ASC 150 D soil vibrating rollers; 3 Komatsu WB 93R5 excavator-loaders; 2 Delta F15 hydraulic breakers; 1 KASSBOHRER-LB5E low loader.

Technical support equipment:1 FORD Transit bus and 2 GAZ – 3231 buses to transport workers; 2 fuel trucks and Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck.

All in all 63 equipment units and 7 technical support units were used thus totaling to 70 units. 

As we were fulfilling the task set by the Client we had to solve a number of technical issues related for example to a timely equipment delivery to the site and some others listed below:  

1.     Transportation of the workers – their total number being 85

We were to solve the problem of providing housing in the settlements next to the site for the workers.

We solved the problem in the following way: 65 workers were constantly working at the site while the rest 20 including technical support personnel worked in shifts. We rented comfortable apartments for 35 people and provided buses for the rest 30 to bring them to the site from the place of their residence and back.

2. Providing early technical support, maintenance and refueling without interrupting the work process

We solved the problem in the following way: we provided 2 MitsubishiL200 pick-up vehicles to bring necessary consumables, spare parts and oils and to take away punctured tires. We also envisaged 2 fuel tankers to ensure prompt refueling of the equipment in the morning or during the lunch time without interrupting the working process.

3. Supporting (Ensuring| Guaranteeing) the working process 24 hours a day 7 days a week

We solved the problem in the following way: 25 additional workers were hired to control the compliance with the occupational safety standards and to draw a day-off schedule for the workers so the work at the site did not stop.

4. Undergoing regular control on the occupational, fire security standards and regulations on maintenance of load carriers of AO Transneft-Privolga

We solved the problem in the following way: when the control checks were carried out the head of the security and occupational safety service provided all the necessary documents. Additional instructions on occupational and industrial safety were given directly at the site.

5. Undergoing regular medical examinations before a shift

We solved the problem in the following way: We signed an agreement with a local healthcare worker who organized medical examinations.

6. Equipping dumping trucks, semitrailers and buses with tachographs in accordance with the Russian legislation and AO Transneft-Privolga requirements

We solved the problem in the following way: We signed a contract agreement with AO Kamaz Volga Autocenter thus tachometers were installed in all the vehicles and necessary certificates were obtained for the operators. The total sum of investments amounted to 800,000 roubles.

7. Equipping all excavators, bulldozers and excavator-loaders with video cameras, permanent and removable memory and video registers that could store the records for up to 30 days

The problem was solved in the following way: The technical support service bought all the necessary equipment: a set for a car (2 cameras, 2 memory cards, 1 video registers, necessary cables) the total sum amounting to 2,000,000 roubles.

As a result the facility was commissioned on time and our company received acknowledgements for the good organization of the process from both the management of the company and onsite foremen.

The project characterizes our company as a highly professional one that can solve complicated issues and supply all necessary equipment at any stage of the construction process thus allowing savings of up to 20% of the cost estimate.

In the coming 2016 we expect new permanent clients and newly set tasks and we are ready to work in all regions of the Russian Federation.

If you have any claims or requests on providing specialized equipment to a construction site you are welcome to send them to our email

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