Policy in the field of health and safety

OOO BTS has set the following basic principles in order to ensure safe production working environment and conditions as well as to minimize the risk of emergency situations and accidents:

  • to establish and constantly develop the management system of occupational and fire safety and environmental protection;
  • to comply with necessary industrial safety requirements for dangerous production facilities;
  • to ensure safe technological processes at dangerous production facilities operating hoisting equipment;
  • to comply with fire safety requirements at explosive and inflammable facilities of the clients.

In order to meet the aforementioned requirements BTS has set the following goals:

  • to ensure protection and safe working conditions of the employees when they operate at venues and facilities using hoisting equipment and specific technological processes;
  • to introduce practices to ensure safer operation of vehicles and equipment aimed at minimizing risks of emergencies and accidents at dangerous production facilities;
  • to use employees’ individual and collective means of protection that have undergone mandatory compliance declaration and certification as required by the legislation of the Russian Federation on technical regulation;
  • to provide a functioning system of occupational safety and working conditions monitoring and control;
  • to provide medical and preventive services for the employees, to equip medical stations and health units for medical and health-improvement treatment of employees, to provide drugs and medicines required for first-aid help;
  • to evaluate working conditions;
  • to inform employees of occupational safety and working conditions, of existing health risks and measures of protection from occupational hazards;
  • to minimize and prevent risks of accidents, fires, casualties, industrial injuries and occupational diseases;
  • to organize training on safe methods and work practices on occupational safety and to check knowledge on the topic;
  • to certify specialists and to check knowledge of the staff on occupational safety;
  • to organize training on fire safety based on the programs adopted by the Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Disaster Response of the Russian Federation;
  • to allocate financial, organizational, material and financial resources to guarantee a functioning system to manage occupational safety, industrial and fire safety and environmental protection;
  • to exercise production control when operating hoisting equipment at hazardous production sites;
  • to guarantee personal responsibility of the department heads and workers actually performing the duties for the compliance with requirements of occupational safety, industrial and fire safety and environmental protection;
  • to take into consideration the opinion of employees and other interested parties in the development process of occupational safety policy.

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