Аренда спецтехники в Самаре

More than 150 units of own equipment for rent
Четвертый слайд
Четвертый слайд
в 50
городах России
работает наша техника
50 городов
50 городов
Открытие нового карьера
Открытие нового карьера
15 years
We work all over Russia
Первый слайд
Первый слайд
5 branches in different cities
Of Russia
Второй слайд
Второй слайд
Working hours per day
Третий слайд
Третий слайд

15 years we work
all around Russia

5 branches in different
cities of Russia

24 working hours
per day

150 units of its own
equipment for rent

Equipment for rent

Автотранспортное предприятие ООО «БТС» предлагает услуги аренды строительной спецтехники в Самаре. В нашей компании вы можете арендовать:

1 All vehicles are owned by the company. Relevant registration certificates are provided at request.

2 All equipment in working condition, the average age - half years.

3 Load lifting equipment is certified in RosTekhNadzor. Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision.

4 Accreditation by Rosneft, Transneft

5 Operators have minimum five years of experience.


Geography of work
Our representative offices

At 50
cities of Russia
our equipment


our equipment is represented
in several cities of Russia

Moscow region

Samara, Zavodskoye shosse, 1 +7 (846) 207-04-04

+7 (927) 218-19-06

+7 (927) 218-17-81

+7 (927) 218-17-36

+7 (927) 218-17-81

+7 (922) 827-98-44

We care about the convenience of customers

Our specialists inspect a venue beforehand as off-road vehicles make them reach it in any weather.
Cashless settlement allows our clients to declare VAT for deduction.
We accept inquiries every day from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m.
We deliver documents to our client’s office.
The company has its own safety and health department.
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